Promoting Patient Safety

The Empowered Patient Coalition is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created by patient advocates devoted to helping the public improve the quality and the safety of their healthcare. The coalition feels strongly that the first crucial steps in both patient empowerment and patient safety efforts are information and education. The public is increasingly aware that they must assume a greater role in health care issues but they need tools, strategies and support to assist them in becoming informed and engaged medical consumers who are able to make a positive impact on health care safety.

Patient Safety Resources

patient safety

Specially chosen resources created by the Coalition and others to give you the facts on patient safety.

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Support For Patient Advocates

patient advocate

Learn how to reduce the odds of experiencing a medical error or complication during hospital care.

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Coalition Projects & Partners


See how the Coalition and its partners are working to educate the public and reduce medical errors.

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For Our Loved Ones

Leah Katherine Coufal

The source or our inspiration and commitment.

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