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Your 1, 3, 6, 12 Month Plan to Becoming an Empowered Patient

cover_12_month_planA year-long plan to start patients and their advocates on the right path to high-quality information and true patient-centered care. The plan includes our customized chart for understanding the hospital hierarchy.

Your 1-3-6-12-Month Plan to Becoming an Empowered Patient

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The Empowered Patient

cover_empowered_smThe Empowered Patient is a 50,000-word book that enables patients and their loved ones to successfully navigate complex medical delivery systems. The book’s goal is to encourage, embolden and enlighten medical consumers and their advocates to proactively participate in their own medical treatment, which the author hopes will lead the health care community into an era of increased safety and accountability. Ten chapters focus on numerous patients’ rights and patient safety issues. Each chapter identifies a different health care issue and provides easily comprehensible and very specific strategies to empower all medical care recipients. A majority of the guidelines in the book were regularly used by the author during her daughter’s many hospitalizations over a 10-year period.

All proceeds support the efforts of the coalition.

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Hospital Guide For Patients and Families

New Edition – Now Available as a FREE Download

The Empowered Patient® Hospital Guidehostpital_guide_ebook_cover
For Patients and Families

This guide is designed to help patients and families prepare for the issues involved in hospital care.

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The Empowered Patient® Journal

cover_patient_journalThe Empowered Patient® Journal
A Companion Journal for the Hospital Guide For Patients and Families

The Patient Journal is made up of a series of custom forms designed to assist you in organizing your medical information and your own observations.

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