The Empowered Patient Coalition provides resources enabling patients to take control of their medical treatments.


The Empowered Patient Decision Support App

medical decision appThe Empowered Patient® Decision Support web app is a series of ten questions that help identify areas in which patients may need help and support when making health care decisions. The app produces a streamlined pdf report of areas where the patient feels confident and decisive – and areas in which the patient may need information and guidance.

It can be difficult for patients to speak up during medical visits and they often struggle to communicate their needs and opinions to their providers. This tool assists with the many challenges of patient-provider interaction, including making good use of limited time during visits, the need to remember every detail and question during the typical fast-paced health care encounter, and ensuring a thorough informed consent process.

Patients and family members can answer the questions and generate and control their own data by viewing, saving, printing, and/or sharing the report with other family members, advocates, or providers. The green column in the pdf report represents the areas that the patient has either made a decision or feels confident in their situation. The orange column lists actions that the patient needs to take or to complete to assist in the decision-making process.  The red column lists areas in which patients may need direct assistance from their providers.

The report functions as a common starting point to ensure that everyone is on the same page and helps move the decision-making process forward successfully.  These tools assists providers in customizing their approach for each patient and thereby meet meaningful use requirements of practicing patient centered care, using a shared decision-making process, and identifying and acting upon the unique needs and preferences of each patient.

Please note: Do not include any personal information in the text boxes contained in this app, including date of birth, social security number, or address.  Information in this app is not encrypted and is not guaranteed to be secure when sent via email. Information is not stored on our server and is never shared with anyone. This app is not intended to replace the advice of your health care providers, but to strengthen the shared decision-making process and to help further the goals of patient-centered care and patient and family engagement.

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